COVID-19 Employer Playbook

Introduction No March Madness

The Crystal Ball In addition to legislation, administrative actions pursuant to COVID-19 are likely to affect employers and their benefit plans over the coming weeks and months. Action is likely at the federal, state, and local levels. Given the nature of the emergency, most of these actions will demand immediate attention, so it is important to stay closely attuned. The team at Vita will keep you apprised of critical benefits-related issues.

March Madness 2020 has been replaced by the COVID-19 pandemic this year. Many of us are watching depressing reports of COVID-19 numbers that replaced what would have been cheering on our favorite teams in major sports leagues. Old reruns are replacing what would have been a new season of our favorite show, we are struggling to obtain basic household items, and we can't be there to hug our loved ones that are in nursing homes. Inevitably, social distancing has had a significant effect on our interpersonal connections. For those missing the overwhelming infusion of sports talk in

Your Team at Vita

March, we bring you a new kind of playbook: The COVID-19 Employer Playbook.

The entire team at Vita continues to stand by you, ready to provide support and consultation regarding your benefit plans. We understand the day to day challenges of

adapting the new employment and employee benefits realities that were brought forth by this crisis.

The Employer Playbook

This Employer Playbook is designed to highlight the issues and concerns of interest to employers. We recognize that there are many excellent resources available to employers. Our intent is not to flood employers with yet another resource book but rather to consolidate resources that are available in a clear and comprehensive way.

As always, it is our privilege to serve you and to bring to bear our commitment to the values that underpin who we are at Vita: Knowledge, Service, Excellence, and Relationships.

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